++My 1st Motorcycle Vlog + Crash

Holy smokes, you found it! My very first video. I didn’t even have a YouTube channel when I shot this. *CLICK TO WATCH*


I love motorcycles. I love camera's. I love you. The end-


  1. Haha, Glad u are all good. Its funny when you see other people have a minor crash because you know how awful it is, because it winds you bad haha. “it is still recording” 😀

  2. TastyFriedCheese

    Yeah i have watched all your videos one by one from the beginning :) this one was pretty cool for the first viddy ! i mean… i have never seen as good first viddy as this one :) i liked that you didnt cut the accident out, so we can all see the risk that offroad takes :) take care

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