Who is Accidental Broadcast?

Who is Accidental Broadcast?

Aloha TRIBE! Finally I have a website where I can post stuffs like a wild jungle boy! Thank you for visiting my site : )

First things first my happy campers. Clicking on my dirty little wheelie will whisk you away to a magical land filled with rainbows and lollipops, roads paved in babies dreams, and hula girls galore!

Wait?.. wut.. It just takes you to my YouTube channel. Ripoff!! Ughhh, I need to work on this magical website much more…

Anyyyy hassleblad.., let me tell you a bit about myself.

My name is Kalani Prince and I live on the island of Maui, in the state of Hawaii. If you don’t know where it is, it’s the tiny string of islands in the middle of the Pacific ocean. I was born and raised here but left to live in the states for a short while. After some time had gone by, my island home beckoned for my return. In 2005 I returned to the island and had a son a year later. His name is Makena Prince, and he is the love of my life. For now I only get to see him during the holidays and summer. Long story : ) Not seeing him as much as I used to hasn’t been easy but spending time on two wheels with my camera by my side has made life a lot better. I strive to bring the beauty of Maui into your world to the best of my ability. I currently upload a fully edited video to YouTube once or twice every two weeks but have since started uploading RAW clips as not to make the TRIBE wait too long for another upload.

If you want to learn about how I got into motorcycle vlogging, watch THIS video.

For now, I enjoy riding my 2008 Yamaha WR290R all over the island and bringing that experience to you!

Love and Aloha, Kalani

PS: I will update this page later to be much more in depth : )

You Rule ; )



  1. Johannes F.

    Hey Kalani,
    Hah. First one here i guess! :) great to have this website!! looks awesome so far. now you have another opportunity to keep “the Tribe” updated!
    i really appreciate it to enjoy your work! thanks for doing it!


  2. first congrats……Wait?….wut. naw foreal like the way you love life and your island….looks like it be crazy to hang out with you……riding the island….but best wishes to you and keep working on the magical website you almost had me clicking on Wait?….wut. yea? hope you have good times with your son.as i do with my three girls and two granddaughters.twins. yea i much older than you but life is what what you make it.keep the rubber side down,and some times one in the air…….

  3. Tamara AKA TJ


    Great job the website looks amazing so far keep up the great work!!!!


  4. Hey Kalani, good stuff that you are doin here.
    In the ” Mr. Mike is silly” with 2 stroke did you acquire a “spankin new” KTM?????
    I spent time in KEHEI with my dad long ago (he owned a diving charter).
    Pretty place but centipede just about did me in, anyway, keep the tires warm:)

  5. Kalani!!! What’s up dude!?!

    Great site and if you hadn’t said anything I’d say this site is 100% done and perfected by the guru that I am speaking to currently.

    Can’t wait to see and ride with you all in the Novembers.

    : )

  6. Hey Accidental, just wanted to let you know that I recommended your channel to RHOK! Hopefully they hook you up soon! Keep it real!

  7. I’ve been watching your videos for some time. Each one’s like a little vacation. I especially like the video tribute to your son. I have a secret for you: after twenty years, the magic the two of you share will still be there. It never ends, and it will keep you forever young. That’s where the proverbial fountain can be found. Cheers.

  8. Televisedsnail

    Hey, I just saw the FB post about starting a page for us new guys for a little promo. I think that is epic and would be ever so greatful for that but I only have about 10 subs. If you could check out my channel and maybe message me if you could help out That would be awesome!!! https://www.youtube.com/user/televisedsnail?feature=mhee

    Thanks! -Televisedsnail-

    • I’ll be doing a proper video explaining the page soon : ) Much love for checking out the site!

  9. Hey Kalani, awesome website! I came across your supermoto video by chance one day, and was totally hooked on your energy and positive attitude! I have since become addicted to your videos like everyone else. Never stop making them! :)

    I only started riding motorcycles last summer when I bought a Kawasaki Ninja 250 sort of on a whim, but I have become thoroughly addicted. I am not one to get on camera, but watching your vlogs have given me a strange desire to make my own videos. Maybe one day not too far away I will pick up a camera and give it a try. :)

    Thanks for everything, and Aloha!

    (PS, if you ever need any help with the website, give me a shout. I used to be a professional web developer and I would be happy to lend a hand!)

    • Wow, thank you for the awesome comment. Be sure to come over to facebook as well so we can keep in touch.. Right now I’ve got the site decently.. When it’s complete I may ask for some help dialing it in even better.. There are some future functionalities I’d like to implement but can’t even think about right now : ) Thanks for joining the TRIBE!!

  10. Hey Kalani!
    I´m so pumped because of you riding a WR from 2008 and in a few days i´ll get my first bike that i can ride on the streets and be able to crazy stuff like you do! <3
    AND its also going to be a WR from 2008 but the 450ccm version!
    Keep riding and teaching the TRIBE how to rule! 😉
    Greetz from Germany

  11. B.S (that is my real initials)

    I wanna move to Hawaii ….. It looks amazing keep vlogging kalani I love ur vids

  12. Nic Serreyn

    Kalani I’ve watched your videos from the start. beck when you crashed in the mud. Semes like A long time ago. I am proud to be part of the tribe I’m representing the tribe in the great plains of South Dakota not A jungle but im doing my best. I ride A KLR 650 and cant wait to slap one of those TRIBE!! stickers on it. Mutch Love. THE TRIBE RULES!!

  13. Hey Kalani !
    I just want say i Really enjoy your Videos, just about every one of them makes me laugh! Im from Bellingham, WA. i have some toys of my own. i have a DR350dualsport, NInja 650, and 1976 KZ900. i like the Kz that was in your older video, when i saw the kz, my eyes got huge! well cant wait to see your next video and
    i hope to soon start making my own motolog. Have a good one and ride safe bro! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! DUALSPORTS FUCK YA!

  14. johnny macpherson

    Hey i just happened to come across your videos on youtube and since watching a few you’ve got me hooked on motocross bikes again i had totally forgot how fun and care free being able to go from road to dirt was. *i was stuck in my super bikeing ways for the last few years haha*
    but yeah totally envious of your wonderful island your on unlike sunny Scotland here …* cough… wet and damp 923712736% of the year but its still good for the mud !*

    keep up the vids and ill keep watching em mate!

    cheers all the best from scotland.


  15. you sede in a video that you can’t smoke with a helmet on. Do you smoke Accidental? You seem so healthy and smart enough to not smoke.

  16. Hey there Kalani
    I came across your channel by accident and I just love how you do your vids, I grew up riding and racing and sure wished we had GoPro’s back in the day, alot of the areas we rode have been closed off to dirt bike and 4 wheeler’s, (fucking tree huggers) I find it funny now that back in the 70’s and 80’s when we would talk to the Forest Service they loved the fact that we rode all the Old logging roads and made connecting trails so if there was a fire they had no problem accessing the area, but now we just stand back and watch our beautiful forest burn to the ground. OH where the hell did I go, sorry about that, anyway I live here in the Beautiful Pacific North West, I have got to get another bike my last was a 90 KX 500 Anytime, Anygear, Twist the throttle and your dancing on the rear tire and laying waste to the poor soul that happens to be behind you, man I miss that ride.
    I have to say your videos really made me realise how much fun riding with your friends really is and how much I miss that. THANK YOU Kalani, hope to talk to you again..Katfish

  17. Hey kalani nice to see you have your website nice and organized it was really easy to find everything! i hope you get athena back up and ready to go again im missing the videos with mendo and mr.mike out on the trails! i also want to see more footage on maui moto adventures!

  18. Rich Kinney

    Kalani, This is Rich from Northern Cali. You’re helping me through some of the toughest times I experienced. You are living proof of a genuine person. I’m 22 and training to save lives as an EMT soon to be fire fighter. And believe it or not, your tribe is the only thing helping me keep it together. Keep being who you are. And thank you. Hope to meet you and your crew some day. Stay safe.

  19. Hi Kalani I am going to move to maui hawaii in about 4-5 yrs so maby when I move there you my dad and I could ride sometime

  20. Jacob Fastrich

    Aloha Kalani,
    I came accross your channel when i was just searching. I watched your vids and thought they were pretty cool. I have been subscribed to your channel for almost a year and you have turned into a role model for me. I enjoy your watching your vids. You have the best life ever. I am getting a dirt bike soon and hope to travel to maui and ride the trails like u. When im actually old enough. lol. i hope to get into moto vlogging too. mahaloa for reading this comment:)

  21. Johnathan Pummill

    Hi Kalani, I really enjoy your videos thank you for you’re dedication to the tribe because after all there wouldn’t be a tribe without you.

  22. Hey kalani,

    I’ve just bought my own gopro hero 3+ black edition. and i wonder what colour settings you use for your videos. all the colours look bright/strong and i would love to have my videos look as good!
    i love your videos and keep up the good work.

  23. Hey Kalani I ordered the tiki and tribe sticker but i only got the tiki one. Do you have any idea what happened? It has been about 12 days since I ordered the stickers. I also wanted to know if you have and suggestions for me on starting a motovlogging channel on YouTube?

    P.S. Love the videos man keep up the good work.

  24. Kalani, I live on the big island and also ride a WR250R and like you I put an Edge tail light on it and removed the stock turn signal lights. A little more than a year ago, the bike passed its annual vehicle inspection, but last month when I returned, they refused to approve it because the lights were non-standard, non-DOT-approved.

    Have you had a similar problem there on Maui? Any insight would be appreciated. Pls respond directly to my email address. Many thanks!


    PS: I enjoy your YouTube channel!! Keep it up.

  25. Kalani,
    My hubby owns a WR250R, and we are from a small town called Morehead Kentucky. You have inspired me to go around and show everyone where I am from. Love the website and enjoy all your youtube video’s. Thank you so much for the inspiration to do what makes me happy and for telling people to never give up. When I have a bad day I hop on youtube and watch one of your videos :)
    Hope everything remains good on the island and tell you beautiful green eyed girl to keep up ridding… seeing as she can ride, I feel like I can too :)


    PS. If you don’t mind please respond to me via email and give a shout out to my hubby (toxicbloodrain) it would be greatly appreciated. Also, I would love to send you a pic of my hometown… but I can’t find an address for your international wall of love :)

  26. hey kalani, i ordered some spoke skins about 4 weeks ago. need some help to find out where they are. please reply!

  27. Hi Kalani,
    I ordered a hat from you on June 3rd. Paid for it and shipping too. It has been 7 1/2 weeks since that order. I have emailed and called and commented on another part of your website to try and find out where the hat is. No answer. EVER. What’s up???!!!
    It appears that I am not the only one who is having a problem receiving (fully paid for) merchandise from you.
    Please help!!
    Thank you.

  28. Kalani,

    Whats up? I ordered a Tribe hat from this site weeks ago and still haven’t received it. Is everything ok?

    • I ordered a hat in april 2016 with my stickers and still haven’t received it lol. Kalani is a hard man to get ahold of.

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