Accidental HATS

Accidental Broadcast Hats

Official Tribe Snapback Lids! (colors available for a limited time) **FREE SHIPPING FOR U.S. TRIBE MEMBERS TILL DEC 31st!**

It’s about time TRIBE! I am finally happy with the quality of these awesome snap backs! Sorry for the long wait : ) FREE SHIPPING for U.S. TRIBE members till Dec 31st. $12-19usd for the rest of the planetary tribe. I wish I could ship cheaper INTERNATIONALLY but it’s just not possible. (Will declare your order at $5 value though, so hope that helps)

Accidental Lids will ship out between Dec 1st – 7th (you will receive tracking then) 



  1. Hey dude, I want to order a tribe hat but I don’t have anyway of paying online, I’m going to Maui in a couple days and I was wondering if we could do a meet up and I could buy some tribe merch, thanks

  2. I placed an order, and paid for it, on June 3 2015. It is now June 29 and I have not received anything. Not even an email thanking me for my order. Payment went through though!!! I have also emailed and called several times, but no answer or reply! What gives? This was to be a birthday present for my son. His birthday has come and gone…
    NOT a happy customer!

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