1. ’14 KTM 450 XC-W VS. 500 XC-W From what I am seeing at there the same weight. With that said why would anyone get a 450 when they could get a 500 when they weigh the same?

  2. Bárður Askham

    Hey Kalani :) I Have a question :// 😀 ……. If i order Stickers, and i live about 5-7 hours of flying time from you….. When will the stickers arrive? I’ve asked you this on Facebook but you didn’t answer :( Its okay tho :) Its just that i dont know if im In Denmark when they arrive! :( I Really hope you can Reply to this as fast as possible :) Thank you :)

  3. hi my name is drew mazza and i love to ride dirt bikes and watch ur videos…. i was wondering are u aloud to ride dirt bikes on the street or does it have to be street legal??

  4. Yo man!,
    i realy like the Channel. And hope Athena is gonna be fine. I always notice the real cool whistle song in your videos. Can you please tell me what it is called ans where i van listen it? :) thanks

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