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++What’s in the C R A N K C A S E ?

++This page will take you to Motorcycle Superstore specifically for 2008-2012 WR250R
parts and accessories

The following parts will work on most dualsports/dirtbikes but are linked for the
2008-2012 WR250R specifically – most will work for the X as well : )

1. Rear Tire : Michelin T63 for 18” Rims :  Pirelli Rallycross MT21 for 18″ Rims :

2. Front Tire : Michelin T63 for 21” Rims :  Pirelli Rallycross MT21 for 21” Rims :

3. **Update!!, I have switched to RENTHAL FRONT and REAR, very nice products
These parts are for a 2008 WR250F but also fit the WR250R!
D.I.D 520-120link chain with master link :

4. Zeta Axle Blocks So Pretty.

5. Hel Stainless steel brakelines :

6. W I D E Footpegs for 2008-12 WR250R/X :

7. FMF Megabomb Header :

8. Yoshimura RS-2 Slip-on Exhaust :

9. Custom Radiator hoses :

10.Edge Tail Light Kit : and Controller mod : 

11. Highway Dirtbikes Handguards : Ask for Paul, then tell him I sent ya! He’s great!

12. Righteous Cluth Full Lever with delrin/drylin :

13. ProTaper Oversized Bar :

14. ProTaper Grips :

15. Double Barrel Air Tool Tire pump : This pump is great and used ALL. THE. TIME!

16. Zeta Gas cap :

17. Evotech Skidplate : No Link, Don’t buy! This thing almost killed my bike. See VIDEO

Much better SKIDPLATE Moose Skidplate (side protection )

18. ++A T H E N A 290cc Full Kit :
End music : Audiojungle.com

See you at the movies!


  1. Beyond Remote

    Hey Kalani I think Yahmaha should sponser you. Athena is the reason many of us went out and bought WRs.

    • I know! : ) On the to-do list.. So much stuffs to do.. thanks for reminding me : )

  2. Broha!! Im interested in the big bore kit and do not know anyone with it except you! How many miles have you put on you’re baby after the Athena kit was added? Still the 30k mile valve checks too right

      • freaking sweetness! now let me save up 800 bucks!! An arm and a leg is totally worth a 3rd gear clutch pop wheelie!

  3. Hey Kalani, I’m thinking about getting me a WR250 but I’m a little scared of the FI. What are your thoughts is it that big of a hassle to put on an aftermarket exhaust? Also do you think a person who is mechanic savvy but not a real mechanic will be able to install Athena at home in there garage? Thanks.

  4. B.S (that is my real initials)

    AB++ I was wondering what kind of mountain bike you ride??? I saw it one of your vids but can’t seem to find. Thanks much love!

  5. Hey Kalani, what kind of gear and roost/ chest protector do you have. im looking for something that would be good for trails like you do. but also be light weight incase i go to sand hil climbs or track

  6. Whatz is your job in moui Ihave always wanted to live there but cant find a job.I have rode yamaha my whole life looking for another 1 any suggestions?

  7. Yo Kalani! I want to buy those HDB handguards but I was wondering if the mirrors were blurred because of the vibrations on the road??? Thanks!

  8. how much were your mirrors do you recall? looked at there site and they have no pricing and didnt reply to my message

  9. Hey Kalani. I’m guessing you have some sort of fuel programmer to compensate for the exhaust and Athena. If this is the case, which one are you using, do you recommend it and what settings or program are you using with it? You’re a big reason I ended up with a WR250R. I really appreciate all of the effort you put into your videos. You both entertain and educate me. Thanks a lot and keep it up. (Yodi is the shit!!)

  10. Video’s private? Anyway, how was your experience with the Supersprox sprocket?

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