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  1. Johannes F.

    Hey Kalani,
    Hah. First one here i guess! :) great to have this website!! looks awesome so far. now you have another opportunity to keep “the Tribe” updated!
    i really appreciate it to enjoy your work! thanks for doing it!


  2. first congrats……Wait?….wut. naw foreal like the way you love life and your island….looks like it be crazy to hang out with you……riding the island….but best wishes to you and keep working on the magical website you almost had me clicking on Wait?….wut. yea? hope you have good times with your i do with my three girls and two granddaughters.twins. yea i much older than you but life is what what you make it.keep the rubber side down,and some times one in the air…….

  3. Tamara AKA TJ


    Great job the website looks amazing so far keep up the great work!!!!


  4. Hey Kalani, good stuff that you are doin here.
    In the ” Mr. Mike is silly” with 2 stroke did you acquire a “spankin new” KTM?????
    I spent time in KEHEI with my dad long ago (he owned a diving charter).
    Pretty place but centipede just about did me in, anyway, keep the tires warm:)

  5. Kalani!!! What’s up dude!?!

    Great site and if you hadn’t said anything I’d say this site is 100% done and perfected by the guru that I am speaking to currently.

    Can’t wait to see and ride with you all in the Novembers.

    : )

  6. J.r. Masters

    Wahoo first time I’ve ever won anything in my life. Adress is 64800 Rancho Rd Enterprise, OR 97828. Blue is the preferred color, thanks man you’re awesome

  7. I’m so happy right now, thank you Kalani.
    Would love to get the orange ones. My bike is orange aswell, sadly not a KTM. Haha 😀

    It’s probably gonna be a pain to ship those tho. I live on the other side of the planet :(

    Shipping info:
    Luka Rovcanin
    Waldrebenstr. 7
    80935 Munich, Germany

    • sweet, can you forward this address with your email to youtube at and I’ll ship em tomorrow.. They may take a couple of weeks to get there : )

  8. Hey Accidental, just wanted to let you know that I recommended your channel to RHOK! Hopefully they hook you up soon! Keep it real!

  9. I’ve been watching your videos for some time. Each one’s like a little vacation. I especially like the video tribute to your son. I have a secret for you: after twenty years, the magic the two of you share will still be there. It never ends, and it will keep you forever young. That’s where the proverbial fountain can be found. Cheers.

  10. Hey Kalani! First of all i have to say that this webpage is AMAZING, you take motovlogging right now to a new level. Are you going to sell any of your Art/photos here? It would really nice to be able to buy your stuff here.

  11. Andrew Cattenburg

    Hi Kalani
    Mohala for the spokeskins! Also for the beatiful videos and the tech advice on WR250R/X’s. Picked up my Highway Dirtbike stuff from Paul today, his shop is just down the road from my job, but I would have never known about his wares without your walkaround video. I started building an ’08 “X” earlier this Winter, with alternate Warp 9 “R” wheelset, I think of it as my “moto-multi-tool”. Snow is just beginning to melt now in alpine singletrack places that I putt in, I hope to put some video up later this year.

    Here is my address: 7822 Saulsbury ST
    Arvada, CO 80003

    Thanks again, Andy

  12. Andrew Cattenburg

    P.S. In case you cannot view my cart, make those a black black pair, 17″ wheel size if possible, else 18″.


  13. Beyond Remote

    Hey Kalani I think Yahmaha should sponser you. Athena is the reason many of us went out and bought WRs.

  14. Televisedsnail

    Hey, I just saw the FB post about starting a page for us new guys for a little promo. I think that is epic and would be ever so greatful for that but I only have about 10 subs. If you could check out my channel and maybe message me if you could help out That would be awesome!!!

    Thanks! -Televisedsnail-

    • I’ll be doing a proper video explaining the page soon : ) Much love for checking out the site!

  15. I just want to know what happen after you got pulled over by the police officer. Because there is a lot in the video that was censored.

    • I got 3 tickets and was arrested for a license that had expired by 12 days. I was taken to the station, booked, fingerprinted and held for an hour before my friend Jason came to pick me up : ) In the end it cost me $200 for the “bail” and I got out of the tickets by mail. Hope this helps..

  16. ++KP man I gotta get some skins for my newly blacked-out black widow! The wind monster also must be slain. Let me know when the cart is up and I’ll be paying you a visit. And some money. :)

  17. Hey! Is there anywhere we can see a picture of the purple skins to see what they look like?Thanks!

    • I know! : ) On the to-do list.. So much stuffs to do.. thanks for reminding me : )

  18. Ernani Joppert

    Would you ship them to Brazil, if so how much would it cost for the shipping? Thanks!

  19. Navpreet Singh

    Hey guys!!!

    Great site and vids!!!

    About the skins, do you ship to India. And will they mount on the 1200GS wheels. The spokes are longer.

  20. Hey Kalani, awesome website! I came across your supermoto video by chance one day, and was totally hooked on your energy and positive attitude! I have since become addicted to your videos like everyone else. Never stop making them! :)

    I only started riding motorcycles last summer when I bought a Kawasaki Ninja 250 sort of on a whim, but I have become thoroughly addicted. I am not one to get on camera, but watching your vlogs have given me a strange desire to make my own videos. Maybe one day not too far away I will pick up a camera and give it a try. :)

    Thanks for everything, and Aloha!

    (PS, if you ever need any help with the website, give me a shout. I used to be a professional web developer and I would be happy to lend a hand!)

    • Wow, thank you for the awesome comment. Be sure to come over to facebook as well so we can keep in touch.. Right now I’ve got the site decently.. When it’s complete I may ask for some help dialing it in even better.. There are some future functionalities I’d like to implement but can’t even think about right now : ) Thanks for joining the TRIBE!!

  21. Hey Kalani!
    I´m so pumped because of you riding a WR from 2008 and in a few days i´ll get my first bike that i can ride on the streets and be able to crazy stuff like you do! <3
    AND its also going to be a WR from 2008 but the 450ccm version!
    Keep riding and teaching the TRIBE how to rule! 😉
    Greetz from Germany

  22. Spoke skins came pretty quick. They look fantastic. And will protect my spokes. Pain in the ass to get on but so worth it! Thanks AB++!!!

  23. Hey Kalani,

    The site is looking good man, you gonna be selling hoodies or stickers from here?

  24. Haha, Glad u are all good. Its funny when you see other people have a minor crash because you know how awful it is, because it winds you bad haha. “it is still recording” 😀

  25. TastyFriedCheese

    Yeah i have watched all your videos one by one from the beginning :) this one was pretty cool for the first viddy ! i mean… i have never seen as good first viddy as this one :) i liked that you didnt cut the accident out, so we can all see the risk that offroad takes :) take care

  26. TastyFriedCheese

    DAAAMN ! kalani what is that at 2:42 ? MINIT STOP ? REALLY ? What theeee….holy curt

  27. I’m interested in the art work as well! Nice work. Also, I bought a wr2 after watching your videos on YouTube.

  28. Bro!!! love your videos.
    i cant go a day without watching one of yours or Jakes.
    id like to order some spoke skins but dont know how on here.
    i live on big island, kona. could you please email me, i wanna
    purchase with a credit card ASAP.

    Note: maybe its because im trying to order from my work computer i
    cant see everything on the page. but anyways. please hit me up.

  29. These should come in a 450R pack with 19″ rear. If they did I would buy a set. They look great and easy to install.

  30. how come you’ve never told us about this Kalani?!?!? great vid’s and sorry about the bike.. when you get her fixed you should go try that mountain again!

  31. Yay just brought some of these to be shipped to the UK , finally found somewhere that ships internationally , love you accidental keep up the great videos!!!

  32. WhiteManFlail

    St Louis Tribe! BOOM! Ordered 2ea in Vader Black and KTM Orange! BOOM!

  33. For the chance to be drug off into the jungle by a ravenous hula girl, i will do anything.

  34. TRIBE Sticker Stuff is GREAT!!!
    If you build more… we will buy 😉
    Thanks Kalani!

  35. Broha!! Im interested in the big bore kit and do not know anyone with it except you! How many miles have you put on you’re baby after the Athena kit was added? Still the 30k mile valve checks too right

      • freaking sweetness! now let me save up 800 bucks!! An arm and a leg is totally worth a 3rd gear clutch pop wheelie!

  36. That’s it. THAT’S IT. Look at what you just did man… Ordered 3 stickers. BOOYAH! Tribe++ officially entered Québec, Canada…. BOOM!..:)
    (Now waiting for a Swing Arm “Tribe++” Sticker)……:)

    • My pleasure my friend. Just put it today on myXR650L and now my bike LOOK SICK MAN!!!!….. Awesome…..:)
      Will post some pictures on facebook for you. (Forgot the Kodak today)

  37. Lord Poopy pants

    I would be willing to guess that most of your phans are here in the US, why not contact one trusted tribe member in the continent and have them drop ship the tribe stickers and save serious dough for the tribe

    • I’d be up for the task if needed. Sounds like a great idea Lord Poopy Pants! if they shipped directly from the factory to the continental U.S., they could cost less and Kalani wouldnt lose anything.

  38. Hey Kalani, I’m thinking about getting me a WR250 but I’m a little scared of the FI. What are your thoughts is it that big of a hassle to put on an aftermarket exhaust? Also do you think a person who is mechanic savvy but not a real mechanic will be able to install Athena at home in there garage? Thanks.

  39. Kalani! STOP SELLING THINGS!! I CAN’T STOP BUYING WHAT YOU SELL!! IT’S ALL GOOD STUFF!! (sorry for all the yelling)

  40. B.S (that is my real initials)

    AB++ I was wondering what kind of mountain bike you ride??? I saw it one of your vids but can’t seem to find. Thanks much love!

  41. B.S (that is my real initials)

    I wanna move to Hawaii ….. It looks amazing keep vlogging kalani I love ur vids

  42. BillyVonMumble

    These are freaking awesome Kalani, haven’t seen these before! Definitely going to be ordering some, along with a Tribe sticker of course 😉

  43. Hunter Stanton

    Just ordered 2 Morgan Freeman Tribe stickers!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Also grabbed a set white spoke skins and blue spoke skins!!!!
    I will send ya a picture of my finished product!
    Get em, Love em, Stick em, Rock em!

  44. Just purchased a sticker in the Morgan Freeman flavor. It’s gonna look sick on my FZ8. Keep up the good work Kalani!

  45. 2 x Morgan Freemana and 2 x Athenas! You will be proudly represented on a bike AND a truck here in the state that wishes it could be closer to you – California!

  46. ’14 KTM 450 XC-W VS. 500 XC-W From what I am seeing at there the same weight. With that said why would anyone get a 450 when they could get a 500 when they weigh the same?

  47. Nic Serreyn

    Kalani I’ve watched your videos from the start. beck when you crashed in the mud. Semes like A long time ago. I am proud to be part of the tribe I’m representing the tribe in the great plains of South Dakota not A jungle but im doing my best. I ride A KLR 650 and cant wait to slap one of those TRIBE!! stickers on it. Mutch Love. THE TRIBE RULES!!

  48. Just bought Morgan Freeman and vader going strait on the wr250r. Woot Woot. Tribe++

  49. Hey Kalani, what kind of gear and roost/ chest protector do you have. im looking for something that would be good for trails like you do. but also be light weight incase i go to sand hil climbs or track

  50. Hey thanks for the sticker! I ordered a yellow tribe++ sticker but got an accidental broadcast sticker. Im still gonna rock it! Just want to let ya know what happened.

  51. MarcLegacyGT

    Hey Kalani, want to kinow how to order different colors? When I click on ”add to cart” there is only appearing the Spoke skins – RED and cant really choose another color please help I want to order them so bad!!! 😀

  52. It won’t allow me to get a ++Accidental Broadcast sticker.
    I want the Carbon.

      • Hi,

        i also wanted to buy a ++AB sticker,
        but the order button is not working. tried 3 browsers, (firefox, safari & torch)
        hope you can fix it. looks like there is no link if you click the order button…

  53. Hey Kalani !
    I just want say i Really enjoy your Videos, just about every one of them makes me laugh! Im from Bellingham, WA. i have some toys of my own. i have a DR350dualsport, NInja 650, and 1976 KZ900. i like the Kz that was in your older video, when i saw the kz, my eyes got huge! well cant wait to see your next video and
    i hope to soon start making my own motolog. Have a good one and ride safe bro! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! DUALSPORTS FUCK YA!

  54. Jack Swatman

    is there a way of viewing all videos/pictures in order of newest to oldest?

  55. What’s up people? tribe members!!! Just about to order some stickers for a group of about 10 people that are now joining the tribe :)

  56. Hey Kalani !
    I just want say i Really enjoy your Videos, just about every one of them makes me laugh! Im from Bellingham, WA. i have some toys of my own. i have a DR350dualsport, NInja 650, and 1976 KZ900. i like the Kz that was in your older video, when i saw the kz, my eyes got huge! well cant wait to see your next video and
    i hope to soon start making my own motolog. Have a good one and ride safe bro! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! DUALSPORTS FUCK YA!

  57. I have a Honda BUT…
    It look’s Orange so I will get these when I have free time.
    I live in Canada in Calgary.

  58. SageNTitled

    I can’t purchase the ++Accidental Broadcast sticker either. The button does not work.

  59. For Dee Chiu

    Your influence extends to the Big Apple! KTM orange on one of the newest members of the Honda Family: the CB500F. Aloha from NY, NY. Much Love.

  60. johnny macpherson

    Hey i just happened to come across your videos on youtube and since watching a few you’ve got me hooked on motocross bikes again i had totally forgot how fun and care free being able to go from road to dirt was. *i was stuck in my super bikeing ways for the last few years haha*
    but yeah totally envious of your wonderful island your on unlike sunny Scotland here …* cough… wet and damp 923712736% of the year but its still good for the mud !*

    keep up the vids and ill keep watching em mate!

    cheers all the best from scotland.


  61. Ordern one ++Tribe in Red and one ++AB in OG, guess it takes some more time do get them to germany, gonna send you some Photos if there on :)
    BTW website is awesome :)
    Greetings from the other side of the world

  62. just got these and a tribe sticker in vader black tribe is now in Newberg Oregon baby WOOO!!!!

  63. Ordered 2 Athena Blue Tribe Stickers…Now I just need one of those Accidental Broadcast T-shirts!!! Availability???

  64. you sede in a video that you can’t smoke with a helmet on. Do you smoke Accidental? You seem so healthy and smart enough to not smoke.

  65. So getting one! Have a heap of stickers on their way. I’ll order when they arrive and i get my layout right… have to make it perfect for the TRIBE!

  66. was up Kalani

    i just found your youtube page and i love your videos. i go on youtube every day hoping to see a new video. i ride a raptor 700 out here in beautiful southern california but im working on picking up a dualsport for getting around and some trail and hard pack riding. i had just one question. how do i get to see the pics from the muddy models that wernt blocked out? lol. just wanted to say love your site and videos and keep up the great work.

  67. Hey Kalani I love your vids the 1 and only reason. I’m not stubbed to both your channels. Is because I’m a 13 year old boy and my mom wont let me get an account. Love you man keep doing what your doing plz reply it would be an honor

  68. Anthony Schuler

    Although shipping is 95 cents more from your site, I suppose I can eat that massive cost to support a fellow rider haha. Keep up the riding and the videos, always a pleasure to watch and ultimately inspired me to get a dual sport. Would have loved a wr250r, but I’m too short so I went with a crf250l. Already in love with the bike and modding the heck out of it. Spreading the tribe to IL/WI. Cheers.

  69. Hey

    I ordered some blue spoke skins about 2-3 weeks ago and I live in the uk. Will they be here soon ? Cos I’m looking forward to them being on the bike :) thanks

  70. 2 stickers for my friend and I, representing the tribe in what may be the furthest location in the united states from you so far. Old Orchard Beach, Maine and Biddeford Maine. Thanks for inspiring!

  71. Hey there Kalani
    I came across your channel by accident and I just love how you do your vids, I grew up riding and racing and sure wished we had GoPro’s back in the day, alot of the areas we rode have been closed off to dirt bike and 4 wheeler’s, (fucking tree huggers) I find it funny now that back in the 70’s and 80’s when we would talk to the Forest Service they loved the fact that we rode all the Old logging roads and made connecting trails so if there was a fire they had no problem accessing the area, but now we just stand back and watch our beautiful forest burn to the ground. OH where the hell did I go, sorry about that, anyway I live here in the Beautiful Pacific North West, I have got to get another bike my last was a 90 KX 500 Anytime, Anygear, Twist the throttle and your dancing on the rear tire and laying waste to the poor soul that happens to be behind you, man I miss that ride.
    I have to say your videos really made me realise how much fun riding with your friends really is and how much I miss that. THANK YOU Kalani, hope to talk to you again..Katfish

  72. I wanted to put Spoke Skins on 29″ mountain bike. But it says they only work up to 21″/18″. Is there any way I could get a set that would fit on 29 inch mountain bike rims?

  73. hey man,

    im sure i ordered the blue spoke skins a week ago, but i cant remember! give me an idea if i actually processed the order or not?
    cheers man:)

    matt- UK

  74. Need creditcard to order some tribe stickers … If i got one i will order a couple and send an postcard from switzerland 😉 much love . Tribe++ for ever!

  75. Hi kalani, where can I get the tribe stickers in the uk? I want to spread the tribe love here… Cheers

  76. Bro you gotta put a water mark across these or people are just gonna rip them off and get them printed for 1/8th the price. I am a huge fan from aus and would love to have the time to ride like you do but cant yet with a young family i am happy to have :), anyways the first thing i thought was to copy them with the photoshop type program i have then get them printed off for like 5 bucks aussie and then yeah. but i will buy originals of course but i mean i could do that. just paste a huge water markover it so people dont do that cause there mad pics. zac

  77. Dude love your work but i second water marking i just saved one cropped and healed in it photoshop made it a wallpaper and the quality was great its nice have a d800. No offense i did delete the photo and everything i saved from hear i just wanted to let you know but hey great work.

  78. Hey Kalani,

    Totally awesome photographs man you have some true artistic vision and raw talent, I’ve grabbed myself a large print of “ATHENA’S GIRL” I cant wait for it to arrive and get it framed.

    Do you ship them out in batches or as you get orders come in?

    Cheers for everything you do, you make the world a brighter place.

    ++ IsleOfMan Tribe Member

  79. Just ordered some black spoke skins! Will take a while to get to me over in the UK but after watching your guide i’m confident i’ll be fine putting them on!

    Cheers dude!

  80. Bárður Askham

    Hey Kalani :) I Have a question :// 😀 ……. If i order Stickers, and i live about 5-7 hours of flying time from you….. When will the stickers arrive? I’ve asked you this on Facebook but you didn’t answer :( Its okay tho :) Its just that i dont know if im In Denmark when they arrive! :( I Really hope you can Reply to this as fast as possible :) Thank you :)

  81. My name is wes i follow you on instagram and watch all your videos. I would like to consider myself one of your biggest fans. I really like what you do and i think i speak for hundreds of people when i say u are hilarious. I am currently without a bike but hopefully this coming spring ill have a sweeeet dual sport (if i can afford one) i would like a tribe sticker if at all possible to put on my bike and sport the name. I would like to show the rest of the tribe my ride as well. my address is 919 state st. Belle fourche SD. 57717

  82. Hey kalani nice to see you have your website nice and organized it was really easy to find everything! i hope you get athena back up and ready to go again im missing the videos with mendo and mr.mike out on the trails! i also want to see more footage on maui moto adventures!

  83. Whatz is your job in moui Ihave always wanted to live there but cant find a job.I have rode yamaha my whole life looking for another 1 any suggestions?

  84. Hey, I really enjoy you’re vids keep it up :)

    And i will be ordering Yellow spokes hopefully

    Thanks Greg

  85. Brought a print from you a.little while back. Just found the right frame for it. Am disappointed that the actual size of the photo is 18×30 And not the stated 20×30. Now meaning my frame will have to go back.

  86. Ey dude, does the spokeskin go on any size of the wheels? i have 19″ front 21″ back???

    • just read the text at the top.. haha well thanks anyway and i realised the size i said on my wheels are reversed.. im too tired for this, goodnight from sweden!

  87. How do they hold up? I would be afraid of them coming off, and getting all mashed up.

  88. Hi,
    Spoke wraps ordered from Hawaiian prince of mud, sent from US, delivered to heart of Europe in no time.
    Thank you.

  89. They look sweet! I just purchased 2 sets of the white for my boyfriend and I and we are eagerly awaiting their arrival to Australia! Thank you Kalani! <3

  90. hi my name is drew mazza and i love to ride dirt bikes and watch ur videos…. i was wondering are u aloud to ride dirt bikes on the street or does it have to be street legal??

  91. Yo Kalani! I want to buy those HDB handguards but I was wondering if the mirrors were blurred because of the vibrations on the road??? Thanks!

  92. Hey Kalani,
    Just wanted to say I love the site. The only thing I think would be awesome is to have a section that lists gear you use and possibly links to buy them. Thanks for the awesomeness!!:)

  93. kalanl im a big fan of your work I watch your youtube videos all the time they light up my day…………. im thinking of ordering a few stickers whats your favorite one? I want your opinion

  94. Thomas Timmermans

    Hey Kalani, what are the shipping costs to the netherlands? groeten(greatings in dutch) :p

  95. Hi. I have a honda so its mostly red and black and some white so what colour skins and tribe sticker should i get, i can’t decide

  96. I lived in Hawaii from ages 2-8. It was really fun. I lived on Ouah I think it’s spelled. My mom, brother, and sister still live there. I might go to Maui and meet u Kalani. P.S West Side.

  97. I might get the Kawasaki 140. Do u Kalani think that’s to much for a 95 pound 11 year old.

  98. this may sound silly but will theses fit on supermoto wheels? ( with being cut down to supermoto size)

  99. This is quite an excellent list of items Kalani. Thanks!
    I was wondering about audio recorders, and still wonder how the heck you sync video and audio on two devices. However, probably going to get one (as soon as I can shed this ugly afrikaans accent) and one of those redheads. I don’t have a drift ghost “S”, but just the ghost, and it’s fantastic!

    Thanks again, your vlogging shows that you put a lot of effort into it.

    Toodle doo

    • If all your cams have mics, you can sync the sound of the mics during times when the ambient sound isn’t so loud.

      If they don’t, or you can’t get any good audio reference from the cams, before you head out, get a shot of you clapping on each camera. You can sync the clap video to the sound of the clap on the audio recorder. Using a Multicam editor, you’re good to go.

  100. Hi there Kalani!!
    Incredible post! Congratulations for your youtube channel. I’ve got a question for you. How the hell do you manage to record the conversation of the intercoms into your camera or mic or whatever it does so?

    Thank you very much!!

  101. Nice post Kalani. Your videos are what made me want to try Motovlogging, but I’m still pretty green at the whole thing. Put me down as interested in your Zoom H2N integration. I’m also having a hard time picturing how you don’t have ot sync your audio to video with this external recorder. I’m really looking for a better solution to vlogging in the rainy weather we have here. Right now I’m just using the same microphone you suggest above with a hole dremmeled into the case of my Hero3 Black. Thus it’s no longer waterproof if I want audio. I see some good results with mounting a mic in my jacked as Andy Bumatai has done, but am guessing I’ll then have seperate audio and video files to sync.

  102. Rocking the tribe on my klx250s over on Honolulu! Loving the vlog. Keep it coming.

  103. Mostly writing to comment on the Audio Technica ATR 3350, I bought mine on your recommendation over a year ago now. Now I’m not sure if I’ve lucked myself into a realm of impossibility but rain, sun, wind blow and snow… it’s worked… not sure what the count of videos is, but I’ve used this for a whole year and still on the same batteries that came with it. The only observation and remark I can make is that the switch is flakey and I’ve gone out riding with the camera filming and convinced I turned the audio ON to get back and find it wasn’t quite switched far enough. Every time before swapping the batteries for new ones, I’ve double checked and still to this day the spare batteries are unopened.

  104. Bought mine months ago and still no sign of it ): as if it’s disappeared into the dark wet jungle!

  105. Hello my name is David. I got your amazing spoke skins for Christmas and I haven’t put them on my bike until now when the snow has started to melt, ( a little bit). After unwrapping the package I found a coolio sticker. I put the sticker in my pocket and started the installation of my new spoke skins. To get a little off topic I would like to say, after getting a hang of it, the spoke skins were quite easy to put on. I have actually every happy with my product and how it looks on the bike. As for the sticker, i remembered it and planned to put it on my bike, but after i took it out of my pocket it was destroyed. So here I am sticker-less crying in the corner. My question of you is if you would be so kind, you might be able to send me another sticker? If so i would be very pleased. I don’t want to put my addres on a forum that everyone can read so just respond to this if you intend on granting my wish. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I completely and utterly enjoy your content Kalani. Thanks 😀

  106. I think i’m gunna have to get the one of Athena next to the WWII ruins. It looks so.. Majestic… hopefully there’ll still be copies in May, when i plan to buy it for my birthday :)

  107. Hey Kalani Prince!!

    I just wanted to let you know that we DEFINITEVELY need a Tribe page for ITALY!!! I have a group of Supermoto/Enduro riders, and often merge with other groups here in Rome, Italy…and I think it would be awesooooome to spread the Tribe’s love in the eternal city whereabouts! Don’t you think? I hope that more pips from Italy will contact you, and I will be honored to contribute to the creation and maintenance of the page eventually.


    Roberto, MUTEKI RIDERS, Roma

  108. hey i ordered the gray spoke skin. and I wondered how long it takes and send them to Norway. and you have sent the package

  109. yes finally the tribe + + in Netherlands.
    I am one of your fans and follow you on facebook and youtube, always cute / beautiful movies.

    I would again like to drive yourself sitting with one injury and can and may more. Anything now (Have a broken disc in my back)
    But if I can have surgery and then goes well I’ll be back on the bike.

    PS sorry for my bad english, I use google translator

  110. Hey Kalani,

    I’m interested in purchasing the Forma Boots. Your Youtube video mentioned a 10% discount. How do I go about that?



  111. Hunter fleming

    Hey man do you have any like neon green of these all I saw were more of a darker green

  112. Jacques Cronier

    Want to buy spoke skins and stickers… but, I cant seem to add both to the same cart. on the stickers page when I click on “add to cart” it brings to to a PayPal page and does not add to the websites integrated cart. it does however work fine for the spoke skins. I just don’t want to have to pay 2x the shipping so can you fix it and e-mail me back when its fixed :-) please please please haha. Love from the contry north of the border.

  113. Cool beans brother.. Can not wait to get my stickers … Ride on brother!

  114. Hey Kalani I’m really interested in your gloves in the video dirt biker arrested. please tell me know what kind they are. Thanks!

  115. Rich Kinney

    Kalani, This is Rich from Northern Cali. You’re helping me through some of the toughest times I experienced. You are living proof of a genuine person. I’m 22 and training to save lives as an EMT soon to be fire fighter. And believe it or not, your tribe is the only thing helping me keep it together. Keep being who you are. And thank you. Hope to meet you and your crew some day. Stay safe.

  116. Hey Kalani

    Beautiful work you have, I want to order a print, would you sign and date the back if I got one?


  117. Hi Kalani I am going to move to maui hawaii in about 4-5 yrs so maby when I move there you my dad and I could ride sometime

  118. Hey could you make a video about all of you gear (helmet, clothes, boots) because I’m a newguy I don’t know what to buy or anything. And I have the same bike as yours :)) I’m really greatfull

  119. Jacob Fastrich

    Aloha Kalani,
    I came accross your channel when i was just searching. I watched your vids and thought they were pretty cool. I have been subscribed to your channel for almost a year and you have turned into a role model for me. I enjoy your watching your vids. You have the best life ever. I am getting a dirt bike soon and hope to travel to maui and ride the trails like u. When im actually old enough. lol. i hope to get into moto vlogging too. mahaloa for reading this comment:)

  120. how much were your mirrors do you recall? looked at there site and they have no pricing and didnt reply to my message

  121. Hey kalani! I love ur vids I have a honda 4 stroke 100cc I have not yet mastered the kalani wheelie! I hope I can soon!

  122. gonna get some of these for my 08 ttr125 along with a yellow tribe sticker the tribe will be in north eastern ohio

  123. does the yellow tribe sticker match the yellow spokes skins I want the tribe to be in Dayton ohio

  124. hey kalani.

    do you sent it to the netherlands.? And how much is shipping for the netherlands.

    i’ll want a black set spoke skins for my ktm 450

  125. Hay kalani could u plz pick one of these bikes I should get a KTM EXC 125, SUZUKI RM 125, YAMAHA YZ 125 or a KAWASAKI KLX 125 or if u know any Yamaha 125 2 stroke enduro bikes plz tell me them. And do u sell them tribe stickers you put on your bikes cause I won’t to by 3 of them

  126. Can’t wait for the skins. Love your channel there Mr. Prince. Please do keep up the good work.

  127. Johnathan Pummill

    Hi Kalani, I really enjoy your videos thank you for you’re dedication to the tribe because after all there wouldn’t be a tribe without you.

  128. Hey kalani,

    I’ve just bought my own gopro hero 3+ black edition. and i wonder what colour settings you use for your videos. all the colours look bright/strong and i would love to have my videos look as good!
    i love your videos and keep up the good work.

  129. Just bought a yellow sticker for my Yamaha Ttr can’t to get them gettin the spoke skins to go with them soon thanks kalani++

  130. I bought a tribe sticker recently, and it’s awesome. Now i wanted to buy some more different stickers to give you some paypal love, but for each sticker type it adds $ 5 for s&h. If i order 3 of the same, it doesn’t. My heart is big, but my wallet not so much. Is there a fix for that?

  131. Hey Kalani I ordered the tiki and tribe sticker but i only got the tiki one. Do you have any idea what happened? It has been about 12 days since I ordered the stickers. I also wanted to know if you have and suggestions for me on starting a motovlogging channel on YouTube?

    P.S. Love the videos man keep up the good work.

  132. ++Sam Roberts

    Yo Kalani, would you be able to make me a smaller tribe sticker about 4″x1″

    Thanks man

    Watched every video at least once 😛

  133. Kalani, I live on the big island and also ride a WR250R and like you I put an Edge tail light on it and removed the stock turn signal lights. A little more than a year ago, the bike passed its annual vehicle inspection, but last month when I returned, they refused to approve it because the lights were non-standard, non-DOT-approved.

    Have you had a similar problem there on Maui? Any insight would be appreciated. Pls respond directly to my email address. Many thanks!


    PS: I enjoy your YouTube channel!! Keep it up.

  134. hey i was looking at these so hey would not go on the back cause you said it covers up to 18 inch in the back and my yz 250 is 19 inch in the rear? could i cut a front set to the back?

  135. Hi admin i see you put a lot of work in your website,
    i know how to make your blogging easier, do you know that you can copy
    any post from any site, make it 100% unique and pass copyscape test?

    For more info , just type in google – rewriter creates an unique article
    in a minute

  136. Kai, wassup mannnnn! Really that sounds nice oh me to I agree hey quick question. What’s your opinion on the husaberg fe 250 get back to me soon

  137. Hey Kalani. I’m guessing you have some sort of fuel programmer to compensate for the exhaust and Athena. If this is the case, which one are you using, do you recommend it and what settings or program are you using with it? You’re a big reason I ended up with a WR250R. I really appreciate all of the effort you put into your videos. You both entertain and educate me. Thanks a lot and keep it up. (Yodi is the shit!!)

  138. Beautiful pictures, Kalani. Great job capturing the vivid colors of Maui. I need to check this place out!

  139. Awesome shots. I definitely liked the ones with the orange lava rocks a lot, though the horses look pretty good too.

  140. Awesome photo’s man! I’m a photographer too. I realy like that mountain shot. I’d like to make a photo like that myself. But here in the Netherlands there are no mountains.. 😛
    Keep up the good work man!

    Ps. If you have some time, what do you think about my photo’s on my website. ( )I’m not as experienced as you so maybe you can give some honest feedback. I think you are a awesome photographer!

  141. Ps ps. Fotografie is photoraphy in dutch. I thought I’ll explain that for you if you happen to take a look at my photos xD

  142. <3 <3 <3
    Absolutely amazing shots, besides the one with the horses ( I just can't stand them ^^) !!!

    I'm not sure if you mentioned it before in one of your videos, but where did you get your photo shooting skills from?
    Just from practice or did you study photography? I remember you worked in LA, making the moooviies, but nothing besides that. :-/

    Aaaanyways…. keep up the awesome work (!!!) and you two ride safe!

    All the love from Germany to you and Cuppcake!

    PS.: Thanks for bringing this lovely piece of earth you life on closer to us! Hopefully I'll be able to enjoy it in person one day!

  143. Some beautiful photographs you got here. Next ‘Photo Vlog’ explain a bit on how you edit your photos, if you do or not. I use Photo Shop CS6 to touch up a few things.

  144. loving it love motorbike especially dirt im only 13 but i wish i could have Athena im savin for a yamaha wr250r or a 450

    you are awesome and im going to visit malui when im older

  145. loving it love motorbike especially dirt im only 13 but i wish i could have Athena im savin for a yamaha wr250r or a 450

    you are awesome and im going to visit maui when im older

  146. .HI my names CASEY . Im the same as Wesley Rath , Im trying to get a wr250r dual-sport my self .
    I watch all your vids and cant wait for more , im hungry for more .

    thanks Kalani


  147. Thinking about it now, limiting yourself to something like 10 -12 photos is a good idea! Digital can be awesome but at the same time you can take 1000 pictures but that just means you need to clean out all the crap that in between! Gonna give that a go next shoot!
    ++Greatings from SA!

  148. Kalani,
    My hubby owns a WR250R, and we are from a small town called Morehead Kentucky. You have inspired me to go around and show everyone where I am from. Love the website and enjoy all your youtube video’s. Thank you so much for the inspiration to do what makes me happy and for telling people to never give up. When I have a bad day I hop on youtube and watch one of your videos :)
    Hope everything remains good on the island and tell you beautiful green eyed girl to keep up ridding… seeing as she can ride, I feel like I can too :)


    PS. If you don’t mind please respond to me via email and give a shout out to my hubby (toxicbloodrain) it would be greatly appreciated. Also, I would love to send you a pic of my hometown… but I can’t find an address for your international wall of love :)

  149. Hi Kalani, I know you get this a lot but my boyfriend is your biggest fan, I want to do something amazing for him on his birthday with a little bit of help from you, please email me for more info, PLEASE it would make his year!

  150. hey AB
    homer here from The Philippines, plz add PH to ur list ok
    i want to meet some tribe members if any of them watch ur vids from PH, and ride with them maybe

    p.s. plz make a video on ur youtube channel showing us ur web site with this countries and fb pages, click on them in the video to show us and spread the world more
    ok, thanks

  151. Hey kalani, i ordered some spoke skins about 4 weeks back and havent gotten them. If you can contact me id really like to know whats going on. Really wanna get the skins.

  152. hey kalani, i ordered some spoke skins about 4 weeks ago. need some help to find out where they are. please reply!

  153. Hey dude, I want to order a tribe hat but I don’t have anyway of paying online, I’m going to Maui in a couple days and I was wondering if we could do a meet up and I could buy some tribe merch, thanks

  154. Syncing audio is easy….. Two devices, unconnected, press record on both… Then clap really loudly in front of the camera! Just once will do.. Then in post, just line up the audio peaks. Done and done…. Piece of cake. Literally took about…. 2 seconds.

    The other thing is, if you have a smart phone, which likely came with the handsfree earplugs and inline mic…. Chop of the plugs, unless you want to keep them of course…. Makes a great lav. Now on your smartphone, if android you can download FREE, an audio recording program. Apple probably has something that will work too. With it you can record 48Khz audio, ….. Mine works awesome… Saved loads of dough.

    Just a few ideas for the savvy types who want to save some moola’s! or dont have moola’s…… W/E….

  155. Miss yah Kalani. Getting my first bike soon because of people like you. I remember watching your videos so long ago and when your stickers came out I wish I had a bike to slap it on. Now I’ll be purchasing the green superhero edition one and you’ll be my first and I’ll officially be part of the tribe. I hope the new channel gets going because I want to see more of your journeys.

  156. What do you think of some crew hoodies, with Tribe++ on them? I was thinking yamaha blue, ktm orange, and kawi green would look good. just shootin ideas.

  157. Robin Palovaara

    Hello, did an order on some spoke skins, and wondered if you´ll send them to me here in sweden soon??

    please contact me.

    Best regards!

  158. Hello –
    I placed an order for, and paid for, a hat (on June 3rd) with standard shipping. Can you please contact me and let me know when this was shipped so that I might have an idea of when to expect it? I purchased this for my son’s birthday (which was yesterday). That might have been a bit optimistic, I realize, but now I’d like to at least be able to give him an idea of when he can expect his gift.

    Thank you


  159. hey im getting a kawasaki kx250f 2014, i was wondering what colour looks the best on it

  160. Thanks for the great article. I am definitely going to take your advice and get that Audio Technica ATR 3350. I bought a cheaper one, and it is absolutely garbage.

    Keep up the great work and have a great ride…

  161. I placed an order, and paid for it, on June 3 2015. It is now June 29 and I have not received anything. Not even an email thanking me for my order. Payment went through though!!! I have also emailed and called several times, but no answer or reply! What gives? This was to be a birthday present for my son. His birthday has come and gone…
    NOT a happy customer!

  162. Hi Kalani,
    I ordered a hat from you on June 3rd. Paid for it and shipping too. It has been 7 1/2 weeks since that order. I have emailed and called and commented on another part of your website to try and find out where the hat is. No answer. EVER. What’s up???!!!
    It appears that I am not the only one who is having a problem receiving (fully paid for) merchandise from you.
    Please help!!
    Thank you.

  163. Video’s private? Anyway, how was your experience with the Supersprox sprocket?

  164. Hi Kalani, nice article. I am checking the gear you recommend :)

    I also have an Icon Variant, and would like to ask you do you exactly put the gopro camera on it. Until now I have used a chest harness to put mine, but the image is too low and want to move it to the helmet. Thank you!

  165. Dude im 14 and uve been whatching your videos for about a year and you have inspired us to start our own group and we have learned from you and try to ride like you exept in sc style my brother and freinds ride mx rm 80 crf 100 and kawi 110 kx but I ride a big bear 400 and 350 warrior and I want to say thanks for inspiring us and making such good cinema in your videos

    • Id apritiate to getYeah in touch I know it’s asking alot but I want to know more about the tribe and maui

  166. Am aflat aceasta pagina, dupa ce am cautat despre Accidental Broadcast pe Google.
    Se pare ca informatia dvs e foarte valoroasa, mai
    ales ca am mai gasit aici si despre ora, ora exacta,
    lucruri interesante si folositoare. Mult succes in continuare!

  167. Yo man!,
    i realy like the Channel. And hope Athena is gonna be fine. I always notice the real cool whistle song in your videos. Can you please tell me what it is called ans where i van listen it? :) thanks

  168. Hello!
    Good looking page. I ordered white spokeskins from you’r website, but i haven’t gotten any comfirmation from you exept from paypal. Could you send me a tracking number?

    Cheers Brage

  169. Hello!
    Good looking page. I ordered white spokeskins from you’r website, but i haven’t gotten any comfirmation from you exept from paypal. Could you send me a tracking number?

    Cheers Brage

  170. Kalani,

    Whats up? I ordered a Tribe hat from this site weeks ago and still haven’t received it. Is everything ok?

    • I ordered a hat in april 2016 with my stickers and still haven’t received it lol. Kalani is a hard man to get ahold of.

  171. Excellent goods from you, man. I’ve understand your stuff previous to and you’re just too great.
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