Spoke Skins | BLACK

Bling out your dirt bike with a pair of black spoke skins! Ships worldwide!

Spoke Skins -BLACK – $30.00 | Ships Worldwide

++Trick out your ride with some wicked Spoke Skin bling!

  • Installs in minutes.
  • No tire removal needed. Just trim to size and slip on.
  • 1 set covers both wheels (up to 18″ Rear and 21″ Front)
  • Easy to clean.
  • Looks super cool.

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Please check out the installation video!


  1. Andrew Cattenburg

    Hi Kalani
    Mohala for the spokeskins! Also for the beatiful videos and the tech advice on WR250R/X’s. Picked up my Highway Dirtbike stuff from Paul today, his shop is just down the road from my job, but I would have never known about his wares without your walkaround video. I started building an ’08 “X” earlier this Winter, with alternate Warp 9 “R” wheelset, I think of it as my “moto-multi-tool”. Snow is just beginning to melt now in alpine singletrack places that I putt in, I hope to put some video up later this year.

    Here is my address: 7822 Saulsbury ST
    Arvada, CO 80003

    Thanks again, Andy

  2. Andrew Cattenburg

    P.S. In case you cannot view my cart, make those a black black pair, 17″ wheel size if possible, else 18″.


  3. Ernani Joppert

    Would you ship them to Brazil, if so how much would it cost for the shipping? Thanks!

  4. Spoke skins came pretty quick. They look fantastic. And will protect my spokes. Pain in the ass to get on but so worth it! Thanks AB++!!!

  5. Bro!!! love your videos.
    i cant go a day without watching one of yours or Jakes.
    id like to order some spoke skins but dont know how on here.
    i live on big island, kona. could you please email me, i wanna
    purchase with a credit card ASAP.

    Note: maybe its because im trying to order from my work computer i
    cant see everything on the page. but anyways. please hit me up.

  6. How do they hold up? I would be afraid of them coming off, and getting all mashed up.

  7. Hi,
    Spoke wraps ordered from Hawaiian prince of mud, sent from US, delivered to heart of Europe in no time.
    Thank you.

  8. Hunter fleming

    Hey man do you have any like neon green of these all I saw were more of a darker green

  9. hey kalani.

    do you sent it to the netherlands.? And how much is shipping for the netherlands.

    i’ll want a black set spoke skins for my ktm 450

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