Spoke Skins | BLUE

Spoke Skins for your dirt bike baby! order at http://www.accidentalbroadcast.com

Spoke Skins -BLUE – $30.00 | Ships Worldwide

++Trick out your ride with some wicked Spoke Skin bling!

  • Installs in minutes.
  • No tire removal needed. Just trim to size and slip on.
  • 1 set covers both wheels (up to 18″ Rear and 21″ Front)
  • Easy to clean.
  • Looks super cool.

*To update quantity, enter number, hit ENTER.

Please check out the installation video!


  1. J.r. Masters

    Wahoo first time I’ve ever won anything in my life. Adress is 64800 Rancho Rd Enterprise, OR 97828. Blue is the preferred color, thanks man you’re awesome

  2. Hey

    I ordered some blue spoke skins about 2-3 weeks ago and I live in the uk. Will they be here soon ? Cos I’m looking forward to them being on the bike :) thanks

  3. hey man,

    im sure i ordered the blue spoke skins a week ago, but i cant remember! give me an idea if i actually processed the order or not?
    cheers man:)

    matt- UK

  4. hey i was looking at these so hey would not go on the back cause you said it covers up to 18 inch in the back and my yz 250 is 19 inch in the rear? could i cut a front set to the back?

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