Spoke Skins | ORANGE

Spoke Skins turn your boring spokes into wicked eye candy! Get your Spoke Skins on!

Spoke Skins -ORANGE – $30.00 | Ships Worldwide

++Trick out your ride with some wicked Spoke Skin bling!

  • Installs in minutes.
  • No tire removal needed. Just trim to size and slip on.
  • 1 set covers both wheels (up to 18″ Rear and 21″ Front)
  • Easy to clean.
  • Looks super cool.

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Please check out the installation video!


  1. I’m so happy right now, thank you Kalani.
    Would love to get the orange ones. My bike is orange aswell, sadly not a KTM. Haha 😀

    It’s probably gonna be a pain to ship those tho. I live on the other side of the planet :(

    Shipping info:
    Luka Rovcanin
    Waldrebenstr. 7
    80935 Munich, Germany

    • sweet, can you forward this address with your email to youtube at accidentalbroadcast.com and I’ll ship em tomorrow.. They may take a couple of weeks to get there : )

  2. Yay just brought some of these to be shipped to the UK , finally found somewhere that ships internationally , love you accidental keep up the great videos!!!

  3. I have a Honda BUT…
    It look’s Orange so I will get these when I have free time.
    I live in Canada in Calgary.

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