Spoke Skins | WHITE

The first pair of Spoke Skins I put on my bike were White! I love em'

Spoke Skins -WHITE – $30.00 | Ships Worldwide

++Trick out your ride with some wicked Spoke Skin bling!

  • Installs in minutes.
  • No tire removal needed. Just trim to size and slip on.
  • 1 set covers both wheels (up to 18″ Rear and 21″ Front)
  • Easy to clean.
  • Looks super cool.

*To update quantity, enter number, hit ENTER.

Please check out the installation video!


  1. Navpreet Singh

    Hey guys!!!

    Great site and vids!!!

    About the skins, do you ship to India. And will they mount on the 1200GS wheels. The spokes are longer.

  2. I wanted to put Spoke Skins on 29″ mountain bike. But it says they only work up to 21″/18″. Is there any way I could get a set that would fit on 29 inch mountain bike rims?

  3. They look sweet! I just purchased 2 sets of the white for my boyfriend and I and we are eagerly awaiting their arrival to Australia! Thank you Kalani! <3

  4. Hello!
    Good looking page. I ordered white spokeskins from you’r website, but i haven’t gotten any comfirmation from you exept from paypal. Could you send me a tracking number?

    Cheers Brage

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