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  1. Hey Kalani! First of all i have to say that this webpage is AMAZING, you take motovlogging right now to a new level. Are you going to sell any of your Art/photos here? It would really nice to be able to buy your stuff here.

  2. Hey Kalani,

    The site is looking good man, you gonna be selling hoodies or stickers from here?

  3. I’m interested in the art work as well! Nice work. Also, I bought a wr2 after watching your videos on YouTube.

  4. Hey Kalani I love your vids the 1 and only reason. I’m not stubbed to both your channels. Is because I’m a 13 year old boy and my mom wont let me get an account. Love you man keep doing what your doing plz reply it would be an honor

  5. Hi kalani, where can I get the tribe stickers in the uk? I want to spread the tribe love here… Cheers

  6. Hey Kalani,
    Just wanted to say I love the site. The only thing I think would be awesome is to have a section that lists gear you use and possibly links to buy them. Thanks for the awesomeness!!:)

  7. Hello my name is David. I got your amazing spoke skins for Christmas and I haven’t put them on my bike until now when the snow has started to melt, ( a little bit). After unwrapping the package I found a coolio sticker. I put the sticker in my pocket and started the installation of my new spoke skins. To get a little off topic I would like to say, after getting a hang of it, the spoke skins were quite easy to put on. I have actually every happy with my product and how it looks on the bike. As for the sticker, i remembered it and planned to put it on my bike, but after i took it out of my pocket it was destroyed. So here I am sticker-less crying in the corner. My question of you is if you would be so kind, you might be able to send me another sticker? If so i would be very pleased. I don’t want to put my addres on a forum that everyone can read so just respond to this if you intend on granting my wish. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I completely and utterly enjoy your content Kalani. Thanks 😀

  8. Hey Kalani I’m really interested in your gloves in the video dirt biker arrested. please tell me know what kind they are. Thanks!

  9. Hey could you make a video about all of you gear (helmet, clothes, boots) because I’m a newguy I don’t know what to buy or anything. And I have the same bike as yours :)) I’m really greatfull

  10. Hey kalani! I love ur vids I have a honda 4 stroke 100cc I have not yet mastered the kalani wheelie! I hope I can soon!

  11. Hay kalani could u plz pick one of these bikes I should get a KTM EXC 125, SUZUKI RM 125, YAMAHA YZ 125 or a KAWASAKI KLX 125 or if u know any Yamaha 125 2 stroke enduro bikes plz tell me them. And do u sell them tribe stickers you put on your bikes cause I won’t to by 3 of them

  12. Just bought a yellow sticker for my Yamaha Ttr can’t to get them gettin the spoke skins to go with them soon thanks kalani++

  13. Kai, wassup mannnnn! Really that sounds nice oh me to I agree hey quick question. What’s your opinion on the husaberg fe 250 get back to me soon

  14. Hey kalani, i ordered some spoke skins about 4 weeks back and havent gotten them. If you can contact me id really like to know whats going on. Really wanna get the skins.

  15. What do you think of some crew hoodies, with Tribe++ on them? I was thinking yamaha blue, ktm orange, and kawi green would look good. just shootin ideas.

  16. Robin Palovaara

    Hello, did an order on some spoke skins, and wondered if you´ll send them to me here in sweden soon??

    please contact me.

    Best regards!

  17. Hello –
    I placed an order for, and paid for, a hat (on June 3rd) with standard shipping. Can you please contact me and let me know when this was shipped so that I might have an idea of when to expect it? I purchased this for my son’s birthday (which was yesterday). That might have been a bit optimistic, I realize, but now I’d like to at least be able to give him an idea of when he can expect his gift.

    Thank you


  18. Dude im 14 and uve been whatching your videos for about a year and you have inspired us to start our own group and we have learned from you and try to ride like you exept in sc style my brother and freinds ride mx rm 80 crf 100 and kawi 110 kx but I ride a big bear 400 and 350 warrior and I want to say thanks for inspiring us and making such good cinema in your videos

    • Id apritiate to getYeah in touch I know it’s asking alot but I want to know more about the tribe and maui

  19. Hello!
    Good looking page. I ordered white spokeskins from you’r website, but i haven’t gotten any comfirmation from you exept from paypal. Could you send me a tracking number?

    Cheers Brage

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